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Comments dated 01-Feb-2019: Lesson on claim priority today...Let's say you owe Person A $1,000 and Person B $10,000. In this given scenario, the debt to Person A has priority due to the circumstances surrounding the verbal contract where I do not have a paper copy of. Meaning if you have $1,000 (or even $10), you must pay Person A before you pay Person B. If, for whatever reason including being advised by elders and the herd to do so, you decide to pay Person B the $1,000, you still owe Person A the $1,000. Person B is not supposed to get the money at all. The debt to Person A is still outstanding even if the elders and the herd "only want the best for me" or "have good intentions". Is someone who doesn't want to fire a deadbeat because he doesn't want to break someone's rice bowl...a "good man"...or a massive liability? Everyone who believeth himself (or herself) to be "doing the right thing" ignores red flags, risks and consequences. There be a price to pay.

Comments dated 04-Feb-2019: In recent times, banks with whom you've an existing relationship will allow you to opt out of SMS/Phone/Fax/Email marketing. In the past, without all these opt-out functions, the banks will hound you for more new business over the phone if you've a history of spending on credit and/or taking up balance transfers. That is to say, the banks love you if you had lots of spending on credit. The banks are for-profit businesses. Think about how your spending on credit improves their bottom-line. It's not the interest or late fees they're after. The bank is not going to give you anything for free, unless you've given up something that is valuable to you (remember Thanos, Gamora and the Soul Stone?). What is the big secret behind Mastercard and Visa? Why is there a need to create distractions such as annual fee waivers, cashback and reward points schemes? Playing into the whole game of collecting miles or reward points is a waste of time. There is something that The Alumni (teehee) does not want the general public to know. In the case of divorce risk, the spouse can clear out joint accounts to leave you with no money to hire a lawyer (what? teehee) and serve divorce papers, but you still have her past credit card spending??? Let her clear out the joint accounts if she thinks it helps her case. [link]

Comments dated 05-Feb-2019: A long time ago, the chief financial officer told me that she used her credit card to pay her phone bill. 16 credit cards (yes sixteen, including closed cards), 2 overdraft accounts and 18 balance transfers later, the important thing is to compile the total spending to date. All because someone suggested that I should use credit cards. There are people who believe that they should live a debt-free life. [link] It is their Will. It is apparent that there is conventional wisdom to leebalance investment portfolios. No shit that only applies to investment portfolios with risk. With a snap of the fingers, half of your money will be gone. [link] There be no damn leebalancing with the Dutchman. It operates outside the maxim of buy low sell high. From memory, they printed out a million plus A5-sized copies of the clue about the Dutchman and distributed to many households. I don't exactly attend church, but many are called few are chosen. It be important to understand why markets crash in the first place. No authority figure in a nice suit is coming to save you and show some complicated formula which no one understands anyway. It's only primary school mathematics why markets crash. No "professional", even if he/she is in the know, is going to say it outright due to conflicts of interest. There be many things to look forward to: Captain Marvel and Avengers be pointless to seek the money without first seeking the captaincy of the Flying Dutchman. Without the captaincy, the only choice one has is the rat race.

Comments dated 06-Feb-2019: Lesson on guilt-tripping, shaming and manipulation today...let's not go into what's right or wrong. For what's right is subject to the interpretation of whoever benefits from the manipulation. The thing about manipulation, it's never the first time they're attempting manipulation, whether with elder approval or not, to get something for next to nothing. They must have attempted the manipulation on someone else, or other people, before trying it on me. It could be anyone, even their own spouse and kids.

Comments dated 09-Feb-2019: The best way to get back at those who've wronged you is to ensure that they're years behind in progress. Playing victim, supporting those who play victim, and immediately believing all the fake victim stories result in the situation where no one believes real victims. They'll never admit they did anything wrong, seeking a confession be a waste of time. The Alumni will reward them with a 1.5% credit card cashback. The Alumni of which I'm a part of. Don't be bashful, step up, claim your reward. [link] It be clear that The Alumni is the HMS Endeavour. I highly doubt that The Alumni will fall for the victim-playing. [link]

Comments dated 11-Feb-2019: It is not clear to me why a charity in a China village would have a sign with only English characters. For Singapore tourists such as myself to see, I presume. Even then, it should have both Chinese and English characters. If I were to accept at face value the sign is legitimate, it is still a mystery why my intervention is required. Why would a trustee of a purported charity in China require my help when I'm not familiar with the regulations and regime there? Should have looked for a licensed professional in China.

Comments dated 13-Feb-2019: There is a joke stating that you have enemies, give them a lottery ticket. [link] Because they won't be able to handle all those friends and relatives suddenly showing up with their hands out once they win the lottery. Those around them will have, let's just say, expectations. There will be multiple verbal stories, whether the truth is among them is not clear, and they'll rope in others to help them with the stories hoping for a slice of the windfall. Guilt-tripping, shaming, manipulation, bogus charity trustees, charlatans showing up telling you how to do the right thing with your money etc. You'll be asked to hand over cash (uh oh) to invest in business opportunies, whether your name will show up on the business venture's documentation is not clear. [link] And they'll all truly believe that they did nothing wrong, and seeking a confession of wrongdoing serves no tangible purpose. Once the balance for your savings account reaches a certain figure, that'll trigger marketing calls from The Alumni too. Not to mention the risk of frivolous lawsuits from anyone and everyone to claim payment of completely made up debts. I've mentioned in an older comment about the claim priority. So that's one way to handle it. It's primary school mathematics only. This is not cheating, because using primary school mathematics is not cheating. Anything beyond 3 digits, one can use the SUM() function in Microsoft Excel. For those who can't afford Microsoft Office, LibreOffice is available for free. There is simply no excuse on the mathematics side. No calculation of alpha/beta, probability formulas, portfolio review and rebalancing etc required. We would do well to remember that Mercer [link] died with Davy Jones' tentacles crammed down his throat. Would be a shame to the winners of frivolous lawsuits if there is a higher priority creditor who needs to be paid first. A priority creditor who suddenly emerges from the bottom of the ocean... [link]

Comments dated 16-Feb-2019: There appears to be a Chinese tradition of handling the money over to someone who is allegedly better at handling finances. Such traditional methods of financial management include impounding ATM cards and credit cards, and also taking the entire paycheck and giving back a small sum as "allowance". [link] Such taking of paychecks and issuing of allowances appears to be a pervasive practice. It is hard to say why such a practice exist, or why such a practice is allowed to continue. The husbands will insist that it's a good idea or how this shows their love. That is to say, good intentions. Again, as always, this is not about right and wrong. The problem being...The Endeavour can also carry out the exact same financial management. [link #1] [link #2] It appears to me that the HMS Endeavour is in actual control of the finances, despite both the spouses' verbal assertions to the contrary. Rekt'ed. So much for traditions. At the end of the day, impounding the cards served no tangible purpose other than having the illusion of control. Denying that a problem exists under the guise of good intentions only perpetuates the problem. At this point in time, it be desirable to disclose the true purpose of the USD$300,000,000 spending. [link] No doubt the elder and the herd had loads of fun monitoring the share price chart with the share vesting. The Captain is like only the 6th or 7th person they've blamed for their problems in family and life, and the list will only grow longer with names added along the way. The Captain had fun with the constructive dismissal. The Alumni will have fun with the elder and the herd. It's just good business. Good luck getting a lawyer to fight this...The Alumni already has the big law firms on retainer. If we believe in our own abilities, something much more better can be achieved: the Flying Dutchman with everything vested. [link #1] [link #2] [link #3]

Comments dated 17-Feb-2019: Thor and Star-Lord teaches us everything we need to know about copyhold. It's the same video. [link #1] [link #2] They did this 13 years ago with Dead Man's Chest...with a full story split over two films. The first part being "what happened" and the second part being "the solution". In the meantime, I'll spend some more on me credit cards to qualify for the annual fee waiver. The Captain was informed that the waiver is a highly desirable reward. It be difficult to shake off the feeling that I'm only getting an allowance. [link]

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One hundred years in servitude aboard the Dutchman. As a start.
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What are they waiting for?
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Thank you for your contribution towards nation building.
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Your debt to me is still to be satisfied.
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I use my credit card for my phone bill.
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